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Date: 2/20/2009

Dear Dr. Xia:

Thank you for helping me with my various ailments.

After my several sessions with you my shortness of breath improved, my swollen legs have improved (less water content now) and best of all, my kidney function improved a lot (latest lab results showed a creatine  count of 1.57 after this has gone up  to 2.17 a month ago).

I feel a lot better now but I will continue with my acupuncture  sessions with you until I get finally well hopefully, again, thanks a lot. Ric Azarcon

P.S. When a creatine is over 2.00, Dialysis is required. But after acupuncture, creatine was down to 1.57, so M.D said Dialysis not needed.       For detail please check here...



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    Orthopedics, & Traumatology

Practiced since 1960s

    in China.

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Hello, my name is Tina Herrera and I've been married for 6-1/2 years.

Last Year I suffered from severe migraines. After 2 months of treatment with Dr. Xia the migraines were gone.

Two months later, I found myself pregnant as a result of the treatments received from Dr. Xia. I now have a healthy 4-month-old daughter. She is a miracle, since I was told by several doctors after numerous tests performed 5 years ago, I would not be able to have children.

Many thanks to Dr. Xia for helping me manage my migraines and the precious gift of a child.

 "I'm 100% cured and free from jaw pain. I greatly appreciate what you have done for me, and will no longer need surgery."

---Francy Nederzad

I slept hard during skiing right after that happen. I can't get up or walk at all. But I get one time treatment no more pain and even I walk away by myself.

This is amazing work I ever had.

Thank you Dr. Jim Xia

---Ji Hee, Lee and Eric Seong




California & Nationally Licensed Acupuncturist 


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    The State California

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    Commission for the   

    Certification of


Dr. Xia awarded 1st prize in Beijing 


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In 2001, Dr. Jim Xia awarded first prize at the Beijing International Conference for his latest scientific discovery.

In 1997, Dr. Jim Xia attended 3 international Academic Conferences, including the 10th Annual World Federation of Acupuncture Moxibustion Societies, held in Beijing, China.



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